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Medical and Dental Waste Products

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Dental Practice Waste Disposal: Guidelines and Resources


Within a dental practice, various items require specific disposal methods. Let's explore how to dispose of individual items correctly.

Disposal of Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam is a common material in dental practices. Here's how to dispose of it:

  • Residue: Dispose of residue in a waste amalgam storage bin.
  • Capsules: Discard used capsules in a capsule storage bin, then empty into a larger container when full.

Disposal of Other Materials

Additional items requiring special disposal methods include:

  • Old gold and precious metals: Dispose of in designated bins.
  • X-rays: Lead foil from x-ray film goes into a lead foil container, while spent developer and fixer are disposed of in special bins.

Resources for Waste Disposal Information

If you need further guidance on waste disposal, consider the following:

  • Contact waste disposal companies for specific advice and services.
  • Visit the Environment Agency website for information on legal responsibilities and disposal methods.
  • Refer to resources provided by the British Dental Association, including handouts and website links.