Control of Substances Hazardous to Health - COSHH Level 2 (VTQ)

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What is not covered by COSHH

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The COSHH regulations cover many substances that are hazardous to health but there are some exemptions that you may think should be included. This is because there are separate regulations covering these subjects as they pose a risk that needs to be addressed individually rather than under COSHH. 

The three key areas not covered under COSHH are Asbestos, Lead products and Radioactive substances. If you work with these areas you will need to look at additional regulation to ensure that you comply. The use of these substances is widespread in different industries and you may find yourself handling them without realising it. 

We have included short videos on these three key subjects for information only and they will not be included in quizzes or tests so you can move onto the next video if you choose to do so. 

Also, not covered are substances that are only hazardous because they are simple asphyxiants, are at high pressure, are at extreme temperatures, have explosive or flammable properties and are biological agents that are not directly connected with work such as catching Flu from another worker. 

The HSE website details information on all substances and is an excellent source of further information